Dealing with people issues can be challenging, time consuming and costly particularly when problems get out of hand. Sometimes it is a smart move to seek external advice and support. LCG Consultants bring many years of expertise in applying that fresh set of eyes and ears to those difficult situations. We also have consultants in our team who are specialists in the health and community sectors as well as education and the development of customised eLearning.

We can provide practical advice and strategies that resolve people problems and strengthen individuals and the organisation that include:


Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations can be challenging and stressful for all involved. Our team of professional investigators has many years experiencing in carrying out complex independent investigations relating to:

  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Allegations of misconduct
  • A part of internal disciplinary or grievance procedures.


Workplace Mediation

Can be an effective way to assist parties to resolve conflict. It involves an independent and impartial facilitator applying a structured process to help the parties identify the issues and gain agreement on resolution. Our nationally accredited mediators are highly experienced and have conducted mediations in many different workplaces.


Facilitated Discussions

Bringing parties together in a less structured way than mediation can be an effective way to get the issues on the table and collectively agree on ways to resolve differences.


Health and Community Sector Services

Whether you are requiring training, project management or other consulting services, Logan Consulting Group consultants have many years specialist experience in the Health and Education Sectors and will work with you to develop programs that suit your workplace. We can provide the following services:

  • Project management
  • Workforce development
  • Education and training development including:
    • An analysis of your needs
    • Curriculum development
    • Instructional media development

As well as the Health and Community Services sectors we are experienced in the VET and University sectors and have developed and delivered education programs at all levels of post-secondary education.


Logan Consulting Group has assisted many organisations to develop their e-Learning capability. Whether it is to develop an e-Learning product or to develop an e-Learning strategy for your organisation we will work with you to ensure you achieve your goals. We can assist with:

  • Business case and Business plan development;
  • Selection and sourcing of e-Learning applications
  • Development of e-Learning skills for your staff
  • Change management strategies to become e-Learning capable organisation
  • E-Learning product development


Workplace Cultural Audits /Health Checks

Provide an independent review of a team or business unit in order to understand the culture, behaviours and interactions that are impacting the work environment.  The information that comes from the review is used as a platform on which to develop constructive practical strategies to deal with any issues and improve and strengthen the team.


Coaching for Managers and Individuals

Offers support when individuals are needing to deal with issues of conflict or stress, wanting improvement in confidence or communication skills, building better relationships, coping with changes at work or achieving personal and/or professional goals.

Developed by Ryan Thomas and Greg Logan